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Hi, I'm Warren Spier, from Melbourne, Australia. My mind is always buzzing with fresh ideas and I've got a unique blend of unconventional thinking, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a dash of quirkiness.

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Technology, Internet, business and marketing. business person sees the word: dedicated to excellence

IT Service Management

Bringing a unique blend of technical know-how and strategic insight. I'm an expert in optimising IT services to drive efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ensure seamless alignment with business outcomes.

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I have a deep-seated passion for innovation, thriving on transforming creative ideas into practical, impactful solutions.  With a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies, I specialise in steering initiatives that pushe the boundaries of conventional thinking.

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Transformation is about achieving a fundamental shift in performance and perspective. My expertise in driving transformation is grounded in a strategic understanding of both organisational dynamics and market forces.

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Start Ups

Combining my entrepreneurial spirit with practical business acumen in the start-up ecosystem, from ideation to execution, focussing on building solid foundations for sustainable growth.

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